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Dynastic Theory ~ Table of Contents

Dynastic Theory: The Evolution of Altruism in Animal Societies.

Introduction 1

SECTION ONE ~ Kin Selection: A Failed Theory (and Its Ugly Implications) 7
Chapter One ~ Parental Care and Kin Selection 8
Chapter Two ~ Kin Selection and Sex 11
Chapter Three ~ Selfish Gene Theory 15
Chapter Four ~ The Haplodiploid Hypothesis 23
Chapter Five ~ Kin Selection and Conflict 31
Chapter Six ~ Dominance, Submission and Reproductive Suppression 37
Chapter Seven ~ Reciprocal Altruism 45
Chapter Eight ~ Kin Selection: Why Did It Stick? 51

SECTION TWO ~ Dynastic Theory: Natal Philopatry, Epigenesis and Altruism 63
Chapter Nine ~ Introducing Dynastic Theory 64
Chapter Ten ~ Dynastic Theory: The Role of Epigenesis 75
Chapter Eleven ~ Origins of Altruism: Parental Care, Natal Philopatry, and the Contextual Shift Hypothesis 81
Chapter Twelve ~ What Is an Individual Organism? 88
Chapter Thirteen ~ An Insect Colony as an Organism 99
Chapter Fourteen ~ Dynastic Theory: Applied to Social Insects 107
Chapter Fifteen ~ Dynastic Theory: Cooperatively Breeding Birds 126
Chapter Sixteen ~ Dynastic Theory: Social Mammals (Non-Primates) 140
Chapter Seventeen ~ Dynastic Theory: Primates 157
Chapter Eighteen ~ The Meaning of “Selection” (Re-Visiting Williams’ Group Selection Analysis) 169
Implications 181
Bibliography 189

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