Epigenetic Evolution ~ Table of Contents

Epigenetic Evolution: A Theory of Cultural Evolution through Directed CreativityIntroduction 1
SECTION ONE ~ Minds Move Culture: The Theory of Directed Creativity 6
Chapter One ~ Disentangling Cultural Evolution from Natural Selection 7
Chapter Two ~ Why Culture Is Decoupled from Natural Selection 13
Chapter Three ~ Human Minds Create, Select and Build Culture 20
Chapter Four ~ Adaptive Minds 30
Chapter Five ~ Directed Creativity Distinguished from Other Cultural Theories 42
Chapter Six ~ Creativity and Determinism 49
SECTION TWO ~ Culture as Epigenetic Evolution 63
Chapter Seven ~ Cultural Diversity: The Problem of Biological Determinism 64
Chapter Eight ~ Organisms as Epigenetic Systems 69
Chapter Nine ~ Epigenetic Evolution and Cultural Diversity 78
SECTION THREE ~ An Evolutionary Theory of Human Nature 88
Chapter Ten ~ Groups, Morality and Dynastic Theory 89
Chapter Eleven ~ Human Reproductive Patterns: The Evolutionary Roots 99
Chapter Twelve ~ The Evolutionary Roots of Religion 108
Chapter Thirteen ~ Human Nature: An Evolutionary Approach 112
Chapter Fourteen ~ Malthusian Population Growth 122
Chapter Fifteen ~ Do We Have a Choice? (A Theory of Guided Free Will) 125
Chapter Sixteen ~ Can We Choose the Trajectory of Our Species? 132
Bibliography 137

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